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Court Etiquette and Security

Court Etiquette

No person shall appear in Court barefoot, shirtless, wearing a tank top, wearing sunglasses, or dress in any manner reflecting poorly upon the dignity of the Court and its decorum. The bailiffs of the Court are to remove any person violating this rule. This rule does not limit any judge from additionally prescribing appropriate attire or conduct rules in the Courtroom.

Cellular phones, pagers and all other electronic communication or recording devices not specifically authorized by a judge, must be turned off prior to entering the Courtroom. Any cellular phone, pager or other electronic communication device that disrupts the proceedings or is used/possessed in violation of Local Rule 104, shall be subject to confiscation by the bailiffs of the Court.

For reasons of safety and security, all persons appearing before the Court are asked to keep their hands in plain sight.

Court Security

Entrance Screening Stations

All persons entering the Courthouse are subject to search. If you exit the Courthouse and return, you will go through the security screening process again. Plan ahead to allow enough time to get through security.

The security screening process requires and includes, but is not limited to, passage through a metal detector device, a detailed examination of all hand-carried items sent through an x-ray machine, and a hand-wand and/or manual inspection.

Upon entrance into the main lobby, security screening personnel will provide guidance through the screening process. All persons entering the courthouse can expect to empty their pockets and place all contents into a container for x-ray screening. Items such as overcoats, purses, briefcases, backpacks, and parcels will be placed on the conveyor belt for x-ray screening.

All persons can expect to walk through a metal detector device. If the x-ray machine or metal detector produces an alarm, security personnel will conduct further screening by use of a hand-held device. Security personnel may also conduct a physical search of personal articles to determine the cause of the alarm. Individuals possessing prohibited items will be advised to take the item[s] back to their vehicle or surrender it to security staff before entrance into the courthouse is permitted. Before leaving the security screening area, individuals are reminded to retrieve all personal possessions.

Items prohibited by Statute

Any item or article having the potential to inflict or cause physical harm shall be inspected to determine whether it has been filed, sharpened, honed, or in any other manner altered to the extent that it meets the definition of prohibited weapons as defined in Penal Code Sections 12020 and 171b. Prohibited weapons include but are not limited to firearms, Stun guns or tasers, switch blade knives/gravity knives having a blade longer than two inches, tear gas, explosives.

Other items that are prohibited

No weapons are allowed within any Court facility, except those legally possessed by judicial officers. Peace officers who are engaged in the duties of their employment while at a Court facility will be allowed to possess employer approved firearms and other weapons in a manner consistent with their employment duties, requirements and limitations.


Handcuffs/Handcuff Keys

Metal Cans

Box Cutters

Knitting/Craft Needles

Permanent Markers


Knives/Pocket Knives

Razor Blades


Keychain Weapons


Drugs - Illegal

Large Glass Bottles


Drug Paraphernalia

Large Spray Cans

Stun Guns


Laser Pointers

Tools – Any Kind

Firearms, Replica Guns or Toy Guns

Leatherman Tools

Torch Lighters

Food & Beverages

Mace or Pepper Spray

Weapons of ANY KIND

In addition to the items listed above, any object deemed potentially offensive and/or dangerous by the Kings County Sheriff’s Department, will not be allowed into the Courthouse.

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