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Court Calls

Telephonic Appearances - "Court Calls"

With the prior approval of the court, counsel may appear telephonically only on Case Management Conferences, Civil Law and Motion and Probate hearings and certain Family Law matters with Judicial approval only. Appearances are arranged through COURT CALL by telephoning their toll free number (888) 882-6878. You need to supply them with the date and time of your appearance, department number, calendar type, case name and number, and your personal information. COURT CALL is an independent provider which charges a fee for its services.

Counsel who request(s) to appear by telephone shall pay the costs of any conference calls and shall pay any additional required court fee at the time the motion to appear by telephone is filed with the clerk's office. The costs of any telephone call(s) involved in such a hearing shall be charged to the first counsel requesting to appear by telephone. The court is not responsible for the costs of any telephone calls and will not hear any dispute regarding the allocation of such costs between any attorneys appearing by telephone.

The court reserves the right to limit the number of matters designated for telephonic oral argument on any day in departments assigned for hearing such matters. Counsel requesting telephonic argument in any matter in which oral argument by telephone has been approved by the court shall place a telephone call to the number designated by the court at least five minutes before the time scheduled by the court for telephonic oral argument. If multiple requests to appear by telephone in the same matter have been granted, the moving party shall place the conference call.

Readiness & Settlement Conferences and Trial Calls REQUIRE PERSONAL APPEARANCES.

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