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Civil Mediation Program

Civil Mediation Program


Mediation is a useful alternative to litigation that allows individuals to resolve disputes outside of court in a cooperative manner.  Mediation normally gives the parties a chance to express their concerns in a voluntary and confidential process while working towards a resolution.  Mediation is commonly used for most civil case types and can provide the greatest level of flexibility for parties. 

As set forth in Standing Order No. 2024-06, Kings County Superior Court has now established an in-house Civil Mediation Program at no additional cost to eligible litigants.  The Civil Mediation Program Information Packet provides information and instructions regarding this program.


Parties subject to Local Rule 209 regarding Mandatory Mediation where the demand in the case does not exceed $500,000, as well as those other parties ordered by the court to attend mediation, are eligible to participate in the program.


Private Mediation

Kings County Superior Court has prepared a referral list of Civil Mediators to help you with your case.

You and the other parties can use this list to select an experienced, trained Civil Mediator. Then, schedule a session directly with the Civil Mediator.

You can also choose a Civil Mediator who is not on this list if all parties agree to use that person.

Civil Mediation Fees

You and the other parties will pay the costs and fees for Civil Mediation directly to Mediator.

Information for Civil Mediator Panelists

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