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Jury Service Instructions

Jury Service Instructions

Jury Pay

Dress Code

Court Security

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Jury Service Instructions

The Superior Court of the State of California, County of Kings is a One Day-One Trial court. As a prospective juror, you should plan to be available for an all day service. Court hours are 8:00 AM. to 5:00 PM. You are required to call this system after 4:30p.m. on the business day prior to your summons for final reporting status. Example, if your jury service is on a Monday, you must call after 4:30p.m. on Friday .This system is available thru weekends and court holidays, but the Jury Office Staff is not available on these days. If you are summoned to jury duty, you are to appear at the designated time and place as advised by this system.

Jury Pay

If you are selected as a juror, you must serve for the duration of the trial. If you are not chosen, you are dismissed. As a juror, you will receive $15.00 per day beginning the second day of appearance plus .34 cents per mile, one way. A check will be mailed to you upon completion of jury service. Please allow 2 weeks for processing. Employers are not required by law to pay employees their regular salary when on jury service. It is advisable to check with your employer before you appear regarding your company’s policy.

Dress Code

Dress Code: Please dress respectfully. Tank tops, shorts and bare feet are not permitted. Because the temperature of the jury assembly areas and courtrooms can be unpredictable, jurors are encouraged to dress in layers.

Court Security

Court Security: You will pass through an airport-type security screening area as you enter the Courthouse. Knitting needles, scissors, knives, or weapons of any type, including guns, stun guns, mace or other caustic materials, are not allowed in any court facility. If you have a knife, you will have to take it back to your car. Laptop computers, cell phones, and other electronics will be x-rayed and may be turned on. You may bring reading material but do not bring any valuables, as the court is not responsible for lost items. >>click to view

Wi-Fi availability

The Jury Assembly Room is capable of Wi-Fi, but you will need to turn off your computer before entering the trial department.


The Superior Court of the State of California, County of Kings is located at 1640 Kings County Drive, Hanford, CA 93230. Parking is located on the North side of the building.

Transportation Options

Taxi Cabs

There are several Cab Companies located in the Hanford and Lemoore areas.

Cab Company


Central Valley Cab Company


Kings Cab Taxi


Marathon Cab


Mendez Brothers Taxi

559-582-8111 or 559-924-1222

Kings Area Rural Transit (KART)

The Public can also utilize the Kings Area Rural Transit (KART) system to obtain transportation throughout the Kings County area. Click here on Kings Area Rural Transit to view Bus Schedules and Route Maps.

Jury Office Hours - Monday-Thursday, 8:00am - 5:00pm,
and Friday 8:00am - 11:30am excluding court holidays
Phone 559-582-1010 x1501 | Fax 559-585-3262
Superior Court of California, Kings County
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