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Parking Citations

Traffic Citations - Juveniles

Traffic Citations - Adults

Arraignment before the Court

Courtesy Notices

Mandatory Appearance

Notice to Correct


Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Extensions for Payment of Fine

Resetting Court Date

Law Enforcement Agency

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Parking Citations

If you wish to appeal your parking decision you will be referred to the Traffic Division, please contact the court for further information either by phone at (559) 582-1010, select option 1 or you may appear in person at the Superior Court of Kings County Criminal-Division located at 1640 Kings County Dr, Hanford, CA 93230.

Traffic Citations-Juveniles

All traffic citations involving juveniles are processed and heard by the Kings County Probation Department.  For questions regarding a citation you may contact the Kings County Probation Department located at 1424 Forum Dr., Hanford, CA 93230  or by telephone at (559) 582-3211 extension 2850. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

Traffic Citations-Adults

The Traffic Division processes both traffic and non-traffic violations depending on the severity of the charge.  Some non-traffic violations include fish and game, alcohol related offenses, animal control, boating, and violations of city and county ordinances.

Arraignment-before the Court

An Arraignment is the initial appearance before the court.  At this hearing the charges are presented, the opportunity to enter a plea is given and a determination is made whether the party (defendant) has or is requesting time to hire an attorney. Traffic cases are infractions punishable by a fine only, attorneys are appointed to those parties unable to hire an attorney in those cases where the party may be sentenced to jail and or prison.  The bail amount may be set and a future appearance date may be scheduled.  The citing officer will not be present.

You may enter one of the following pleas:

  • Guilty:  You admit the violation(s).  You may explain the circumstances to the court.  Your appearance is necessary and will result in a conviction once your plea has been entered.


  • Not Guilty:  You deny the violations(s) and want to contest the charges and want the citing officer present.  This will be a trial by court.  You may request a jury trial only if you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.


  • No Contest:  You neither admit nor deny the violation(s) as charged.  This plea is treated the same as a guilty plea.

Courtesy Notices:

The Superior Court of Kings County does not mail out courtesy notices.  It is not mandatory that the court send you a notice in the mail.  The law enforcement agency will assign your court date at the time the citation is issued.  By signing the citation you have given your written promise that you will comply with the information written below your signature.  You are responsible for contacting the court either in person or by phone or you may search on line via the Courts Web Portal Link:

 The Courts Web Portal Link will provide you with information regarding your citation. It will allow you to pay the bail (fine) by credit card, it will advise you if you are eligible for traffic school and accept payment for traffic school.  When utilizing the  Courts Web Portal Link you will need to have your citation available. The web site cannot accept payment for those citations involving a proof of correction or a mandatory appearance.  If you have difficulty with the web site or wish to speak to a clerk you should contact the Traffic Division at (559) 582-1010, select option 1.

WARNING: Failure to comply with the terms may result in your bail (fine) being increased, a $300.00 Civil Assessment being imposed and referral to a collection agency, a hold placed on your drivers license, and/or a warrant being issued.

NOTE:  Court staff is not able to answer any questions regarding your citation until it has been processed into the court's electronic case management system.  For this reason, unless your first appearance date is set within such time period, PLEASE wait at least thirty-five (35) days from the date of issuance before making telephonic or in-person inquiries about your citation. 


Mandatory Appearance

You may have been cited with a violation which requires you to appear in court.  If proof is also required, you must bring the proof to your scheduled arraignment date.  Failure to appear may result in a warrant being issued for your arrest and a hold placed on your driver's license.   A Mandatory appearance citation cannot be paid without first appearing in court.   If you have any questions you may contact the court by phone at (559) 582-1010, option 1, or you may appear in person at the Traffic Division located in the Superior Court of Kings County at 1640 Kings County Dr, Hanford, CA 93230.

Notice to Correct

This type of citation is issued by the California Highway Patrol for certain types of correctable violations.  You are required to submit proof of correction(s) to the California Highway Patrol within 30 days.  If you fail to submit proof of correction(s) to the California Highway Patrol the citation will be referred to the court for action including referral to collections.


If you were involved in an accident, the Law Enforcement Agency will determine if a citation will be issued after completion of their investigation.  If the agency determines a citation is warranted you will receive a written notice from the agency or Kings County District Attorney's Office.  You may wish to contact the citing Law Enforcement Agency if you do not receive a notice within 30 days from the date of your accident.

To obtain a copy of an accident report, you should contact the citing Law Enforcement Agency.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Driving Under the Influence cases are not processed by the Traffic Division they are processed by the Criminal Division of the Superior Court.  Those violations occurring in Hanford and or Lemoore jurisdictions are heard in the Hanford Division, those that occurred in Corcoran jurisdiction are heard in Corcoran Division and those occurring in Avenal jurisdiction are heard in the Avenal Division.  If you have any questions as to date, time and or location set for hearing, please call the Criminal Division at (559) 582-1010, option 1.

Extensions for payment of fines

To request a (one time) 45 day extension you may contact the Traffic Division either by phone at (559) 582-1010, option 1 or appear in person at the Traffic Division of the Superior Court of Kings County.

Resetting a Court Date

The Law Enforcement Agency will assign your court date to pay your citation or to post bail and set a Traffic Trial date at the time your citation is issued.  If you wish to change your court date you must appear in person.   If you have already rescheduled your appearance date or if the judicial officer or judge has given you a date when you last appeared in court, a new court date is not an option.

Law Enforcement Agency

Appearances-The officer(s) are not present at the Arraignment.  If you request a Court Trial a subpoena will be issued for his appearance at the Court Trial.


Complaints-The court has no jurisdiction over the Law Enforcement Officer(s).  If you wish to file a complaint as to the officer you will need to contact that agency.  Below is a list of the local agencies:

California Highway Patrol                     Kings County Sheriff's Department

1565 Glendale Ave                             1444 W Lacey Blvd

Hanford, CA 93230                             Hanford, CA 93230

(559)582-0231                                  (559) 582-3211 extension 2720


Lemoore Police Department                 Corcoran Police Department

657 Fox Street                                 1031 Chittenden Avenue

Lemoore, CA 93245                            Corcoran, CA 93212

 (559)  924-3116                               (559) 992-5151


Hanford Police Department

425 N. Irwin Street

Hanford, CA 93230

(559) 585-2535



Superior Court of California, Kings County
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