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Domestic Violence Issues

What is a Domestic Violence Restraining Order?

A domestic violence restraining order is a protective order issued under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act. This act was passed to protect victims of domestic violence.

A person is eligible for a restraining order, which can last up to five years if they had a relationship with their abuser that fits one of the following categories:

  • Relative
  • Relative by marriage
  • Dating
  • Living together
  • Children in common

A victim can obtain an order which prevents the abuser from contacting the abused party by any means including physical contact, physical violence, threats, third party contacts, telephone calls and harassment. The victim can also protect members of their household and immediate family from abuse by adding them to the order.

The victim can obtain a stay away order which prevents the abuser from coming within close proximity of the victim and other protected parties. The victim can also obtain an order allowing them to remain in their home pending further court action, or keep property such as a car, which allows the victim to care for their children or get to work. The victim can also obtain child custody and child support orders with the order.

Forms may be picked up from the Kings County Superior Court at these Divisional offices at no charge or you can download these documents by clicking on the blue highlighted link Domestic Violence Packet Coversheet.

  • Hanford - 1426 South Drive
  • Lemoore 449 C Street
  • Avenal 501 East King Street
  • Corcoran 1000 Chittenden Avenue
There are two local agencies to assist with filling out restraining orders. You may also contact a paralegal or lawyer to help you fill out the forms.


Kings Community Action Organization, Inc.
1208 North Douty
585-1018 or (877) 727-3225



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