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Family & Children

Family Case Information Search
Search online CourtConnect to view Family Case Information.

Information on Adoptions, definitions, obtaining copies of documentation, how to request documentation, Adoption Forms, and Stepparent Adoption procedures.

Child Custody/Visitation
Information on custody and visitation types, residential requirements, Custody Mediation, emergency and temporary Orders, needed forms, filing procedures, fees, and how to represent yourself.

Child Support
General information on Child Support, preparing and filing an Order to Show Cause form, fees, needed forms, enforcement of a Child Support Order, driver's license reinstatement, transferring a case from another County, frequently asked questions, representing yourself.

Divorce/Legal Separation/Annulment
General information, Jurisdiction, how to file for a divorce, Family Law Facilitator, Child custody and mediation, needed forms, how to file documents and fees, financial support, and obtaining copies of documents.

Domestic Violence and Child Custody
If you are involved in a family law case involving children and there has been domestic violence, here is important information about a law that affects you.
En Espanol - Domestic Violence and Child Custody

Family Court Services
General information, Child Custody Mediation, important things to know before and after mediation, Child Custody Evaluations, and other important information.

Family Law Court Appearance
General information on filing necessary forms on time, preparing to speak to the Judge at Court, arranging for Child care and an Interpreter, appropriate attire for Court, and timely arrival at Court.

Family Law Facilitator
General information on the Family Law Facilitator's schedule containing location and hours, and the services that are provided.

Family Law Records
General Information on the location where you can view Family Law records, and costs for obtaining copies of family Law records.

California Courts Self-Help Center
This Web site will help you find assistance and information, work better with an attorney, and represent yourself in some legal matters.

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