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Family Law Records

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You may view family law records at the civil clerk’s window at the Hanford Superior Court, located at 1426 South Drive.  The clerk’s office  is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Court holidays.  Family Law records filed from 1989 through the current year are housed onsite and may be viewed during business hours.  Files beginning in 1995 and older are stored off-site and must be ordered to view.  It can take 2 business days to receive files from the off-site facility. Unfortunately,  staff is unable to research or look up case numbers over the phone.

A request for copies of family law documents can be submitted in person or by mail.  To obtain copies of documents by mail, the following must be provided:

  1. A check made payable to "Superior Court of California, County of Kings.";
  2. Print "Not to exceed" (the amount you estimate the charge to be) in the lower left-hand corner on the memo line of your check.  Once your request is filled, we will fill in the amount on the check.  If the amount submitted is not sufficient to cover the costs, the court will contact you by mail or phone to obtain the correct amount;
  3. Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for return of documents;
  4. Provide your case number. If you do not know your case number, there will be a $15.00 search fee. Please provide the full names of the parties to the case at the time the case was filed, including first, middle, and last names.
  5. Provide the approximate year of filing and case number, if known;
  6. State whether you need a certified copy of the document (governmental agencies may require certified copies);
  7. Include your name, address and phone number to ensure the return of documents and assess if we need to contact you regarding any questions we may have about your request.

Submit your request to:

Superior Court of California
County of Kings
1426 South Drive
Hanford, CA 93230

The following are various fees that could be incurred:

50˘ per page to copy a document;
$15.00 search fee;
$25.00 certification fee for court order(s);
$25.00 certification fee for a judgment;
$20.00 exemplify fee for a filed paper.

If the amount is not sufficient to cover the costs, the court will contact you by phone or mail to obtain the correct amount.

Depending on the age of your file, your request may take three to six weeks to process.

If you wish to obtain copies in person, the Family Law files are located in the Civil Building in the Hanford Division of the Kings County Superior Court at 1426 South Drive, Hanford. Please note: Divorce case files initiated prior to 1988, are maintained at an off-site warehouse.  When ordering in person, you will need to make two trips to our office (one trip to order the file and the second trip to review the file once received from the warehouse).


Superior Court of California, Kings County
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